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About Us


The Platteville Chorale, Inc., is the official name of the organization. Platteville Chorale is the name of the adult community choir. As stated in the bylaws, it was established in 1975 for the following purposes:

  • to establish and maintain choral music performing groups

  • to promote appreciation of, interest in, and the understanding of choral music

  • to offer performances of choral music

  • to offer seminars, workshops, and classes pertaining to choral music

  • to receive gifts, bequests, devises and donations of money or property of any form and of any kind, whether real or personal property, whenever situated for the use and benefit of The Platteville Chorale, Inc.

To fulfill its purposes, the organization has

  • formed a community chorus, named the Platteville Chorale, which has been in continuous operation since its formation and presents concerts regularly

  • initiated a children's choir program which is growing stronger each year

  • formed an endowed fund for the financial need of the future

The Platteville Chorale, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Wisconsin and a 501(c)3 organization.

Platteville Chorale 
Board of Directors

  • Terri Ellis (President) (2026)

  • Stephanie Saager-Bourrett (Vice President) (2025)

  • Tammy Black (Secretary) (2024)

  • Maggie Kleisath (2025)

  • Katy Larsen (Historian) (2025)

  • Belinda Lyght (2026)

  • Margaret Ruf (2026)

  • Mary Sieckman (Treasurer) (2026)

  • Matt Stephens (2025)

  • John Urness (2025)

  • Greg Dennis (non-voting) Director of Platteville Chorale

  • Marcia Russell (non-voting) PCC Executive Officer

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